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Trends in Interior Design to Look Forward to in the Coming Years

Heart N' Soul Home

Posted on January 26 2019

Trends in Interior Design to Look Forward to in the Coming Years-Heart N' Soul Home

If we look back into what 2018 had to offer to our interior designers, we will surely name a few apparent trends in interior design. These could be pastels, millennial pink, marbles, and many more. While some of these trends are almost out from the picture, some might take up the front seat even more vigorously.

Let's look into some of such trends in interior design.

Pastels are becoming timeless

“In subtlety, we believe”

Have you been thinking about the trends in interior design that will adorn your home to perfection? Pastel hues have been there in 2018 and the validity is going to be there for a longer while. These colours are subtle and bring in soft edgy style to one’s living space.


Photograph of cushion covers with marble prints in pastel pink and blue colours


Parmesan tan, Tuscan sun, Cantaloupe, Salmon, Lilac, Flint, are some of the colours that can be expected to stay big time with warmer gold tones. Dusty and chalky variants of such colours have been coming in big dose. These colours could be contrasted with pops of black, mahogany or wine red for a richer look.

The minimalist style trends in interior design

“By less, choose well”

Photograph of Mr and Mrs canvas painting in a minimalist set up


However, comfort and style of the conventional furniture is what everyone is looking up to, minimalism has become timeless giving people an opportunity to embrace sophistication via simplicity. But one does not need to fear that the minimalist driven style might turn their home into a boring saga.


Photograph of a room with sharp and curvy furniture


The market has been encouraging minimalism with curved or sharp-edge furniture. These furniture are taking over the chintzy designs and detailing. Also, injecting the set up with linear lights that give a mix of vintage is making a minimalist living space look classy. So it’s all about choosing all your elements well when you’re buying less!

Décor and home ware

“Live with what you love”

Showcasing your personal style through your home can be the best thing that you do to your living space.  The tale of home décor and accessories is going to continue even in 2019. Finding extraordinary items and merging all into a story thread is going to remain among many trends in interior design.


Photograph of a full room view with home ware


Objects like pots and vases, coloured glass objects, houseplants and wall décor will continue to raise the bar of your living pace. As you reflect your persona through your home, you can proudly tell everyone ‘this is me!’

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