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Pots and Vases - The Right Way to Adorn your Home with Pots for Houseplants

Heart N' Soul Home

Posted on January 18 2019

Pots and Vases - The Right Way to Adorn your Home with Pots for Houseplants-Heart N' Soul Home

Have you ever felt that you have been left flabbergasted as a potaholic? Stunned by the aesthetic appeal available from diverse options of pots? Then we have everything put in our blog that is going to gratify the potaholic in you.

We all love houseplants as they are a charming and a very sophisticated accessory to have in our homes. Moreover, these will never fail to fill your home with warmth giving soft touches to what defines you the best.

Let the life in your pot survive the best journey!

Having just fancy pots for your plants is not enough. You need to look into what is going to drive a healthy life for your plants. If you are planning to add a living plant then it becomes imperative to have adequate drainage holes. This is because the roots of the plants need to have the right amount of exposure to oxygen. Also, so that excess water does not drain the plant. And it is fine if you don’t like these drainage holes in your pots, you can always use the ones without the holes as a cachepot.

Not just the drainage but for living plants the size of the pot matters too. The right size because, a too-large pot would dry up the soil slowly while in a too-small pot soil dries way too quickly. In both the situations your plant can suffer susceptibility to root rot and exhibiting stunted growth, respectively.

Did you choose the best pot to reflect your personality, yet?

These pots come in many variety displaying different colors, textures, and design to soften transitions between spaces. Also, these may as well serve as the focal point of your space.

So be it the pretty glass vases that would sit perfect with your succulents, or a modern chic pot varied in polka dots, plainly polished and designs in many ways, each pot will have its own vibe, shape and texture to emphasize your romantic blossoms or roses.


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