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4 Types of Cushion Styling Options for Your Home - Cushion it!

Heart N' Soul Home

Posted on January 24 2019

4 Types of Cushion Styling Options for Your Home - Cushion it!-Heart N' Soul Home

Our home is one place that we care about the most as it reflects who we are, and adding character to it is like bringing it to life. One element that can add personality to a living space is cushion covers. Cushion styling is trending and can be changed according to the changing trends and seasons.

Cushions come in so many types, styles, designs, and characters, there are just so many options to choose from. So to make it easier to understand how to style cushions we have broken it down cushion by cushion:

Colour themed cushions



If you adorn your living space with neutral colours then coloured theme cushions might be what you are looking for to jazz up your home. These cushions add life to your room by brightening it up and injecting depth into your space.

Minimalist cushions



Minimalism is a way to achieve ultimate sophistication with simplicity. A home that adorns minimalist design speaks a lot about simplicity as one of the best and most enjoyed characteristics. One could use the minimalist design with soft colours or ideally with white background. This way the designs start to speak a little more when done on a comforting colour.

Creatives cushions


This is for those who love to add fun mixes to their space. This could be done by mixing up geometric designs and fur or could also be done by adding knitted cushion covers. The creative ones mostly highlight the homely vibe by adding some kind of art to the cushion covers.

The outdoor cushions



These cushions are not very difficult to style. All that is needed is some nature in it that gives as much tranquility as is given by the nature in real itself. One can go for a very peaceful colour for the background. It helps with a great contrast to the outdoor which is a composition of different shades of green and blue.

Well, the list may go on and on but these make up for the majority of categories and we know that cushion styling will never go out of fashion and it’s fun too. So have fun styling your home with plethora of options to choose from and keep cushioning it!

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