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How to Style Throws - 3 Golden Ways to Style your Home with Throws

Heart N' Soul Home

Posted on January 31 2019

How to Style Throws - 3 Golden Ways to Style your Home with Throws-Heart N' Soul Home

Aren’t we all a bit addicted to the latest trends? Or obsessed with the thoughts of keeping our home up to date in terms of style and comfort? Well, the world has a lot to offer when it comes to styling living spaces. We will agree to throws being one of the most versatile elements to style our homes with. Throws can also be styled according to the changing season, which makes it resourceful in terms of style.

Create your own colour palette


Photograph of a girl holding a brush and a colour palette tray


Start with choosing the right colour palette. Like your room speaks volumes about you, a unique personality, it’s imperative to let only fewer colours give your room its personal style. Stick to not more than 3-4 colours to avoid making your style look too confused. Once you decide on the right colours, it will become easy to choose the right throw for that particular space. It becomes important to know what colours will work out the best for your room.

Know your basics

If you go with softer or humble colours for your bedding or couches, you can go for richer colours for throws.


Photograph of a mustard coloured wavy designed throw kept on a white chair


Once you are through with your basics you can use the colours accordingly. To give your room a raw texture you can consider keeping the colour of your throw neutral. Neutral colours tie all the colours in a room together.


Photograph of a grey throw with colourful pom poms


For a comfortable look, one can put the throw either at the back of a sofa or just hang it comfortably covering one fourth of the sofa. This will give it an inviting look. While, to give your room a touch of class and elegance you can match your cushions with your throws. You can either choose tribal prints or colourful patterns to style it with your indulgent sofa. For a sober or sophisticated look you can opt for monochrome and stripes.


Photograph of a monochrome striped throw

Add the right pop of colour

If you wish to define your persona by making a bold statement with your living room you should add a pop of colour to it. A brightly coloured throw can never go out of style if styled nicely.


Photograph of a cacti cushion with orange coloured throw


If you believe that your throws are only so that you can snuggle into it then choose comfier and softer throws with colours that compliment your bedding.



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